Drop-In Rates

Play Lounge soft-launched and intended for 0-6yo.  Adult *supervision required for all children.

Stacks of Hourly / Full-Day Play Lounge passes may be purchased at a tiered, reduced rate (i.e. 55hrs for 35% off; 50 Full-Days at 20% off).  These may be utilized like a gift card, are transferable, and do not expire.  All rates subject to change, but Hourly / Full-Day Stacks are honored once purchased.


Adult Child 1 Child 2+
Hourly 10 10 5
Any 4-hour block
25 25 15
Full-Day 45 45 20


*Play Lounge attendants are currently unavailable.  A dedicated, background-checked, CPR-certified, trained attendant may be scheduled through us with at least 72-hour notice for $50/hour/child or $80/hour/up to three children.